Here at Enigma Health Centre in Aurora, we offer a full range of relaxation and therapeutic services. We will help you to set goals and milestones that will help you keep track of your progression. Take a look below at the services that you could benefit from.


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Reflex­ol­ogy works the nerve end­ings of the feet with alter­nat­ing pres­sure to stim­u­late the points to bring about phys­i­cal, men­tal and emo­tional ben­e­fits. The feet work as charted maps of reflexes, which cor­re­spond to all organs, glands and parts of the body. The feet are a mir­ror image of these areas, and so pres­sure to a point on the foot will affect the cor­re­spond­ing area in the body.

Ben­e­fi­cial for

• Enhanced blood flow
• Pain relief
• Relaxation
• Assistance in getting rid of the body’s toxins
• Decrease in the number of headaches
• Nerve stimulation
• Relief of allergy symptoms
• Stress reduction
• Lessened fatigue, feeling energized
• Healthier immune system
• Temporary tingling sensations and feelings of wanting to sleep
• Sense of well-being

Current Prices


30min Reflexology - $80

45min Reflexology - $95

60min Reflexology - $105

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