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Acupuncture is an ancient form of Chinese medicine involving the insertion of solid filiform acupuncture needles into the skin at specific points on the body to achieve a therapeutic effect. No drug is injected. The needles alone create the beneficial effects of acupuncture.

In last decades there are more and more scientific peer-reviewed publications proving the        acupuncture – the thousands years old Oriental healing art – to be an efficient tool for treatment of  patients suffering from various aches and pain, including the long-term disabling pains considered  “idiopathic pain” (in simpler words – pain without known cause). Back pain, neck pain, tension      headaches, migraines, fibromyalgia, shoulder pain, knee pain – are just to name a few which are being successfully alleviated by acupuncture with or without natural remedies and manual techniques (Tui-na).

Since the modern scientists started to research the phenomenon of acupuncture – they came to the conclusion that annoying persistent or recurrent pain is often caused by so-called “Trigger points” – highly irritable palpable notes in skeletal muscle created by involuntary muscular contraction due to various causes: excessive stress exposure, repetitive traumatic movements, recurrent micro-injuries etc.

It’s been noticed, that after interaction with needle the Trigger point disappears, muscle relaxes and pain considerably subsides. This technique got a modern name “Dry needling” and becomes more and more popular among different healthcare practitioners dealing with aches and pain.

One of the most important causes of musculo-skeletal pain is the injury of tendons and ligaments.

Unlike the muscles, these structures have very limited blood supply, which make the regeneration process much longer and increases the risk of repetitive injury.

The acupuncture makes a great difference if used to stimulate faster growth of new fibers making tendons and ligaments as thick and strong as they were before the injury.

Amazing results are being reached with use of procedural ultrasound guided acupuncture, which allows very high precision of needle insertion: the size of traditional acupuncture point is not smaller than a dime, while however the precision required for successful stimulation of regeneration process or trigger point alleviation may be within few millimeters.

Procedural ultrasound guided acupuncture is proven to be as efficient as much more expensive PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy or autologous blood injections. Also, it’s efficiency is comparable to prolotherapy, which is usually much more painful procedure, as special irritant substances are reach the healing stimulation.

Beneficial for:

• Natural healing
• Improving the mood and energy
• Reduction or relieve of pain
• Improving function of affected areas of the body

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